Monday, March 7, 2011

What did I do for 36 hours without internet and cell phone?

32 hours turned into 36 hours since Mya now seems to have caught a touch of something. So what did I do with myself?

We told Mya we would go see Rango yesterday. Mya woke up at 4:30am to come to bed with me. I grabbed my laptop and started to turn it on figuring she would stay away. She told me "No Mommy, night, night" So she stopped me from cracking. So we went back to sleep until 7:00, which was like sleeping in for she and I.

At 7:15 I went to Weight Watcher's to weigh in. I knew what the outcome would be, but I want to stay accountable even with circumstances. But much to my surprise I was only up 4.2 lbs versus the 6 I was up on Thursday morning. So I was shocked. I went home and cooked breakfast for Eddie and I. Mya requested her most favorite meal of pancakes so her breakfast was easy. We all at breakfast, this meant I was two for two as far as meals were concerned and I knew that would end right then. I cleaned the kitchen and put away the dishes while Eddie sat in the leaving room reading to Mya. When I poked my head over to the living there they were sitting on the couch having a cute moment.

I sat down to enjoy the feeling of relaxation and then Eddie says what time does Rango start? Mya promptly said I don't want to watch Rango. She had been very excited all night Saturday night to see Rango now in a quick second, "No Rango". So Rango has been postponed to next weekend when I am at work. So then Eddie said looked at me and said what do you want to do? The beach? The Rat House (Disneyland)? I said the Zoo is free. So after a chat we came up with California Adventure. At 10:15 we were on the way to Mickey's House. We had a nice three hours, a couple rides, lunch at a new place (for us) Storytellers Cafe and home.

We went home and all took a nap. I have to say that was nice. Just time in bed relaxing. Eddie and I caught some of VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of all time. Mya woke up about 4:30 and we all got ready for dinner to celebrate Eddie's birthday.

Mya was completely infatuated with the restroom at North Woods Inn. She loved the fact that it had a vanity. We had a nice dinner. Mya was quite the character as usual. After dinner we went to the "compound" for birthday cake.

We were home and Mya and I were back in my bed by 7:45. So that was our day. Since Mya woke up sick this morning. Leaving for school/work was not the normal 7:30. So my 32 hours got delayed to noon as stayed home this morning cleaning my house. Not my favorite chore but it needed to be done. I made dinner before I left for work.

It was nice to relax and get over the week/weekend. Maybe I will do it again next weekend. But I don't know, word on the hall is I may be working all weekend so we will see.

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