Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things that make me smile.....

Through a very emotional, long and draining evening Mya kept a smile on my face.

For a couple weeks Ed has been singing to Mya "You drop the bomb on me...... BABY baby, you drop the bomb on me" Last night as the five of us sat Mya took it upon herself to sing and do a little booty shaking to keep us all smiling.

Then this morning after Mya only got eight and half hours of sleep, picking her clothes seemed to be a very difficult task as she was cranky, I was tired and she wanted to wear something that was not weather appropriate. Finally we agreed on striped pants, black shirt,coral color tutu and jean jacket. She was dressed, I was dressed and it was time for hair. After Mya's two braids were done she promptly told me "its my turn to brush your hair Mommy!" How could I say no? As she was brushing my hair she told me "Mommy you are a Mermaid" How could my heart not melt?

We go and brush our teeth and go back to my room and she then tells me "Mommy I want to watch Pok-e-o" (For those who don't know toddler that is Pinocchio). I told her that she could watch it tonight when she gets home from school. So tonight since I am going home at a decent hour I will watch Pok-e-o with Mya.

I love how Mya makes me feel better.

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