Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11:

 It is said that Father's and Mother's grieve differently. 
Do you feel this is true with your angel's father?

I 100% agree with this. From day one of us finding out Sophia was ill Eddie went into survival mode. It seemed all he wanted to ensure is that we brought home one child. 

I know he heard the facts of everything. He analyzed it rationally. I however looked at it as "what if they are wrong, what if she is fine, I hope everything will be fine"

I simply put looked at it as any mother would hoping and praying to God that both of my babies would survive. 

Eddie listens to me when I want to vent about Sophia but he really does not give his input. He is supportive of me but if you ask him we are defiantly in two different places.

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