Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18:

Have you found something that puts you at peace?

There are several things in life that put me at peace. Being with my family is usually number one. But music is also a very peaceful thing for me. I have always said music is a very powerful thing to me. I sometimes don't even listen to words, it is the music I hear. Music is a story, with music you can make your own story. That is power right at your finger tips.

I personally have songs that are memorable to me. Songs that make me think of things in the past for instance here are a few examples of what certain songs make me think of certain things:

When thinking of Eddie and I we have a few songs that come to mind. The first being the song we call "our song" Somebody. Next I would have to say would be Can't Wait, by Hepcat. In the early days of Eddie and Cassie we went to A LOT of ska shows. Though I knew of ska before Eddie, he showed me a whole new world of ska. 

When I think of Mya, I always play Sweet Child O Mine. This is my Mya song. Though Mya is growing to be quite the music lover herself and she any I listen to various things all the time this is the song that brings a smile to my face.

The day Sophia passed away and the last time I felt her kick I was listening to Dirty Reggae by the Aggrolites. And this memory will always bring me to peace. 

If I am just thinking of Sophia in general and I want to think of the beauty that is my daughter I listen to a song I have always loves from the bottom of my heart and again this is a perfect example of how I don't particularly listen to the words. But I always think to myself that Sophia did in her short life was nothing but wonderful so that is why I always think of What A Wonderful World.. I know she gave one hell of a fight not only for her self but for Mya. That is why this is my Sophia Song.

When I am thinking about WTRLA, I listen to Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I use to think this was such a beautiful song when I first heard it on Meet Joe Black. 

It is still amazing to me how as a mother of loss you use to think things had such beauty and then after a loss they bring on a whole new beauty. 

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