Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7:

 Do you do something to honor your angel(s)? If so what?

I collect Sophia's name. I started collecting her name around the girls 1st birthday. I will never forget seeing Sophia's name in the sand the day after Mya's 1st birthday party and Father's Day. This will always be Sophia's first name print I collected. I love it and treasure it so much. 

Since then I have collected so many more. I would have to say these are a few of my favorites: 

 Thank you Karen for making this candle for Sophia. I have it displayed on my armoir
 Thank you Katie
 Thank you Shey. I love to tell people I have Sophia's name in Egypt.
 Sophia in Italy. Thank you so much Alex for taking the time in your trip to think of Sophia.
Thank you Tami for thinking of Sophia last year for your "Sisters Through Tragedy" project.

I have over 50 photos of Sophia's name. I love each and every one of them. I know each picture represents a moment that someone was thinking of my sweet little girl and I love that. So thank you everyone that has helped keep Sophia's memory alive.


  1. I love Sophia's name pictures! You are so very welcome for the one I made. I am going to take another one for you too... I just have to make some time to DO IT! But, I haven't forgotten. It will be someday soon.

  2. Katie-
    You are so awesome. Your family is in my thoughts so often. I thank you for all the pictures, shirts and everything else you have done remembering our girls!