Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8:

Do you feel you have more good days than bad ones?

I think this year has been a very different year for me. Though there are so many wonderful things going on I have had a tough year. My life has been filled with doctors and being sick most of this year. I have a whole new respect for the medical community for two reasons. Cancer is a bitch and I finally spoke my mind to Huntington Hospital about all the negative things that happened in my situation.

I would have to say between years one and two I had a lot of bad days that were related to the grief process. But I will tell you that things well start to feel a little better. I know when a loss is so fresh and new those words hurt more than anything imaginable. But in time you will feel somewhat normal again, somewhat function-able. I will also tell you it does take time. 

So to sum this up I think as far as the grief process in concerned I have more good days. As far as the year in general I would say there a lot of bad days around here.

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