Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24:

On Birthday's, Diagnosis Day's, Anniversaries of Passing. Do you prepare for them?

Personally as a twin Mom things are a little different for me. The first two years I treated June 30th as Mya's special day (their birth day) and I treated March 11th as Sophia's day. But this year maybe because of cancer I felt like I could not treat them as two separate days. 

This year June 30th went as follows. Sophia and Mya we did special things to remember Sophia. I have always had a flower on Mya's birthday cake to symbolize Sophia. We did that.

As for January 15th (our diagnosis day), I remember it as the day my life as a blissfully ignorant pregnant woman went out the door.

March 11th (the day Sophia passed away) will always be that day. I dread it, still. I don't think I will every not dread it but in a way there is good and bad to that. It is 4 days before a major tax deadline and three days after Eddie's birthday. This year we Celebrated Sophia on March 13th as tax time kind of got in the way. But we still remembered her. That is what counts right?

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