Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4:

Through your grief process what has kept you going?

There are many things that have kept me going. And there were many reasons I had set backs for that matter too! So in no particular order here is what keeps me going:

    1. Mya "The" Quinn Beserra
    2. Walk to Remember, Los Angeles
                I brings a smile to my face when someone tells me I have helped them. That means I
                am doing mt job, the job I set out to do last year.
    3. Music
                I don't know if it is the marching band in me or my family of musicians but music has always
                been a powerful thing to me.
    4. Dr. Pepper
                Oh how I love you!
    5. Family
                No joke, I talk to my mom daily. Eddie and everyone else that I consider my family.
    6. Support Groups
                I started attending support group last year and until then I did not realized it still hurt.
    7. Looking forward
               I have learned the only way to look is forward. Looking back will not keep you moving. Don't
               get me wrong you have to always remember but there is not reason to over analyze the past.
               It is the past and unless you have some magic or way to change the pass there is no reason to
               keep analyzing everything from the past.

So here is what has kept me going for the last three and half years since we heard those words: "I am sorry twin A no longer has a heart beat"

Though some of these things are petty (Dr. Pepper) I still think this is what has kept me afloat.

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