Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14:

What have you done to preserve your child's memories or make new memories of your angel?

The reason I started WTRLA was in Sophia's honor. I have always said I am so blessed to by the mom of two beautiful girls and this is the least I can do for Sophia. 

One thing I need to do and have not done is start Sophia's scrapbook. I don't know why but I am so intimidated to start it and like I said I just don't know why. I have so many beautiful pictures people have taken for me with her name and I just have not done it. But I will one day. 

Like mentioned before and above I collect Sophia's name in various places and her book will be forever growing. 

Every year around this time I will walk in her honor. I will celebrate Sophia and I will never forget my beautiful daughter.

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  1. It took my scrapbooking friends to make me finish my book. If they hadn't made me bring it to that first retreat after her birth, I am not sure if I would have mine done either.