Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12:

How has the rest of your family dealt with your loss?

My family is all over the place. Being involved in WTRLA many of them have shown their support for my mission. Some come some don't. I don't hold that against any of them at all.

My close family has seen how much WTRLA means to me and have shown a little more support. If it were not for them I don't know how far WTRLA would have come. 

I remember when one of my best childhood friends passed away when Mya was 1 month old. I had to to his services and I asked one of Eddie's cousins if she could stay with Mya. When I returned home she asked if we had a private service for Sophia. I told her no, we had nothing. But in a way it still felt good to know that our family was there for us. After all we went from being pregnant to expecting twins to knowing Sophia was ill to Sophia's passing to giving birth to them all in front of them. 

I remember Christmas 2007 when my aunt gave us three little baby things that were neutral because she knew with twins we would need everything. This goes to show everyone experienced our loss with us. Everyone gave us our space when needed and everyone loved and welcomed Mya's safe arrival. 

So all and all we have a mix of family support. But tonight as I am a guest speaker at Huntington for "A Night to Remember" I will have family there supporting me. Really that is a huge thing to know I have their support.

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