Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 12

Day 12- Something you are OCD about.

Mya. Hands down, Mya. This little girl. I am OCD about all that is Mya.
Mya is my light and soul. Eddie and my In-Laws call her my "Mini Me" I know that Eddie and I will not have more children. I want to do everything possible with Mya. That is why her first year I took her pictures every month and since then I have done them every three months. I have kept her blog so I can one day print and bind it for her. I know her blog is just little things we have done but it is still a journal of all the little things she has done.
When she was born she was so tiny I have to remind myself how blessed we were at the time to be able to take her home with us when I was discharged. When Alice and I go shopping and come across preemie clothes we sit there in awww and think how tiny she was.
I constantly have these thought of how my pregnancy was for Mya. I have a very bad tendency to not give Mya timeouts as often as I should. I want her to remain a baby as long as possible because I know there will not be babies in our house.
All of Mya's clothes are put away, all of her hair bows are hanging, all of her blankets and towels are folded and put away. I even still wash my 2 and nearly 1/2 year olds clothes in Dreft. There is something about it that just makes me feel comfortable with my baby. Mya has enough clothes to cloth her and her sister if she was here. I even have a bad tendency to buy things that are the same in various colors. I don't know if that is my twin mommy instinct or what.
When it comes to Mya's health I am beyond OCD. I don't want her to end up looking like me. I really watch her diet. When she gets sick I do not care how many $35 co-pays it costs me. The way I see it I have earned the right to be paranoid Mommy.
If it were not for Mya I don't know where I would be today. Knowing my past I know that I use to struggle with depression. I know that every thing in life happens for a reason. If it were not for Sophia I would have never met all the wonderful woman I am happy to say are my dearest friends. If it were not for Mya I would probably be in a hole somewhere.

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