Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 - a movie that helped you get through the hard times, or one that jumps out at you after your loss.


The night Sophia passed away Eddie told me we needed to get out of the house, he was not going to let me curl up in a ball and just stay in bed. He said this for two reasons. Number one I am not the person that hangs out in bed. I have never been. My bed is for sleeping and for watching TV before I fall asleep. Number two is because though I was completely devastated about Sophia's passing I had to continue my pregnancy. I had to do my best for Mya. Even though in my eyes I was so devastated about Sophia's passing. No matter how much we prepared for it, the second I heard "there is not heart beat on twin A" My life would never be the same.

So we went to the mall and there was nothing else that caught my eye so we watched Juno. It was a nice movie and even though it was about pregnancy I did OK. I cried through the last 20 minutes of the move but it was OK.

When I was put on bed rest my brother in-law got me a copy of it and I would watch it all the time. It made me feel like things would be OK.

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