Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18

Day 18 - my wedding/future wedding/past wedding

I will have to add a picture or our wedding day later as I can not find any here. Here is a picture of Eddie and I They are all at home. So here is a picture from our 3rd wedding anniversary. We went to San Francisco and during our trip we made a stop at the Pez Museum. I was a happy lady that afternoon.
So about our wedding. We got engaged February 14, 2004. We started dating July 2001, 3 weeks after I turned 21. We knew that a traditional wedding was not in our cards. Eddie aways wanted to get married in Las Vegas so I gave in. Though in the back of my head I wanted to have a traditional wedding I was still OK with Vegas.
I made our wedding announcements, yes I said announcements because knowing that we were traveling to Las Vegas I did not think many other people would want to do the same and on a Sunday. So it simply said this is when and where we are doing it and we will have a champagne toast immediately following. I did not ask anyone to RSVP and that was that. So I started making plans and our parents started hearing how excited people were to go to Vegas when we get married. So things started growing. I kept calling the hotel to find out who had booked rooms so I could keep a semi head count.
We ended up booking a suite and having some catering done.
Eddie and I flew from LAX to Las Vegas on Saturday, August 28, 2004. Eddie and I arrived in Las Vegas at 10:00 in the morning and quickly went to scope out the hotel and the chapel. We even tried to go get our marriage license but when we got there the line was wrapped around the building. We went back to the hotel for check in and almost immediately we started running into our friends and family. We spent the day greeting everyone and the evening the guys took Eddie out for his last night of single hood. I went with my sister and her best friend and my friend Robyn to go watch the Fremont St. Experience and the show at Treasure Island. My allergies were not doing well from all the smoke so I turned in around 10:30 pm.
At 1:30 AM the best man had arrived and Eddie came back to get me so we could go take care of our marriage license since in Las Vegas the County Recorder is open 24/7 on the weekend. Rick, Eddie and I went and got the license. When we arrived there was seriously no one there. We were in and out in 5 minutes. Afterword we had celebratory Del Taco at 2am. Eddie and Rick took me back to our room and they went out for a little while longer.
That morning we woke up and got dressed and went to the coffee shop to have breakfast. It was so amazing how many people we ran into that were there to see us get married that afternoon.
After breakfast my mom and I went to Costco to get my $12 wedding cake and to pick up some last minute items at the grocery store.
When we got back to the hotel and then it hit me......I am getting married in 2 hours. I still needed to get my hair and make up done and there was so much to do. I think my sister wanted to slap me and tell me to calm down. That was my bridezilla moment. Everything was fine after that I went to get my hair done and then I went with my sister to get dressed. When we were walking to the chapel I ran into more family. I was still amazed who came to our wedding.
We were so blessed to find out we were the only wedding at the Riviera that day and they did not rush us which was so nice. My dad walked me down the aisle.
When Eddie said his vows I started crying. Then when he was saying the part of "I Eddie take you Cassie" the minister told Eddie "tell her not me" so when it was my turn to say "I do", I looked at Eddie and said "I do" then I promptly looked at the mister and told him "and I do" I felt better after that and everyone laughed.
Before we knew it that was it we were married. After we took our pictures everyone went up to the suite and we had a nice time. Rick, Sara, Alice and my father all said some words and everyone had a great time.
I have no idea how but we ended up getting 2 limos and going down to New York, New York to a club then we went across to MGM. Everyone had a great time.
In all we had 78 of our closest family and friends there. We never expected that but it was amazing.
So that is our wedding day. We had fun, our family and friends had fun. What more can you ask for?

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  1. It was fun! We were having so much fun that the management sent up a representative to ask us to tone down the noise. Plus, that was my one and only time in a limo.

    P.S. You hair and make-up were fabulous!