Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Today was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. I love that it is just a time to sit and reflect on every one's year. My mother's family does not really see much of each other throughout the year for the exception of Mya and Kirsten.

It is my way to get the best of both worlds by hosting Thanksgiving because I get to have the Beserra and the Gutierrez families at one time. When it was just Eddie and I we use to split Thanksgiving in two. Dinner with one family and desert with the other. Now that we are a party of three it is important to me that Mya knows all of her family. In my eyes family is everything. I know that your immediate family if really your everything but even you extended family is still very important. Mya will be our only living child and as Eddie and I are both the oldest from our families we do not anticipate Mya having first cousins anytime soon. So for now Kirsten, Emiliy, Jacob, Kimberly, Jeremy and Liam are Mya's only cousins she knows. So for that is beyond important for Mya to know her family. Eddie and I have so many cousins and Mya does not for now.

Every Thanksgiving since 2007 (I know it was not that long ago) I am always thankful for my pregnancy. How blissfully ignorant I was. Just the day before we found out we were expecting. We did not know we were carrying twins we just knew we were about to start a family. So I always refer to this as my innocence of pregnancy stage.

So we woke up and started getting everything ready. My parents had spent the night and my dad's alternator went out on his truck so he was off taking care of that. At 10:15 we put in the turkey. I had made the potatoes last night. So really all that had to be done was setting the tables.

When our first guests arrived Mya and I had just got out of the shower. When we went down stairs we said our hello's. I had several little things to do to get ready to eat. When it was dinner time we went to the garage to say grace and we ate. Mya ate a hearty meal of marshmallows and apple cider (which she loved).

After dinner Bea and Alice helped with the first round of dishes then Aunt Joan and I took over. While doing all the dishes we had a nice conversation about Sophia. I found it to be very healing to speak of Sophia freely. Though I know it is OK to speak of her any time with our family it still was nice to know her presence was with us. After everyone went home I took a moment to reflect on the day. It was nice and I was happy that the day was filled with peace.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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