Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long Beach Memorial/Miller Children's Hospital

Last night I attended the prenatal loss group at Long Beach Memorial. Many of my new BLM friends that I met at the walk attend this group.

Mid day I found out Karen would also be attending this group so I had to make a couple calls to be sure I could go.

At 5:30 I got a call from a client that lives in Long Beach and I asked her the best way to get to Long Beach Memorial. Thank you for the great instructions Nellie. So I left my office at 6pm, grabbed a bite to eat and was on my way. I had my nightly conversation with my mom while driving there. When I arrived I text Lucia to find out the best place to park and I text Karen to tell her I was on site.

When Karen arrived we walked in. This was the first time Karen had been to LBMH since Mason passed away. We got instructions on where the meeting would be and were on our way again.

When we got to the group there were several familiar faces. Sharon started the meeting. She left the new comers for last. Listing to every one's stories of their amazing angels always makes me think what we went through with Sophia was nothing. Though it was something to me it was nothing in the big scheme of things.

Karen told Mason's story and to hear her tell his story brought tears to my eyes. She had never been to a group before and I think she did a wonderful job of telling everyone how amazing Mason is, and what joy Mason has brought to Karen's life.

Then it was my turn to tell Sophia's story to a whole new group of parents. Every time I share Sophia with other parents I always seem to break down and cry. No matter of how proud I am of how far she made it, it still hurts like it was yesterday. I told everyone what we went through with a poor doctor and how things could have been different and that is why I have choose to do the Non-Profit work I have started.

At the meeting I met the first surviving twin Mom ever in person. Dana is mom to Grace and Benjamin. Benjamin lived 24 minutes after birth and now he dances with Sophia.

After the group I got texts thanking me for coming. It was very nice to know that I was welcomed to a group that I had never been to and that they were happy to hear Sophia's story.


  1. Hearing you talk about Sophia made me cry, I love that im beggining to know her a lot better. It was so great for you to come, and I think me going to Millers for my first expirience in a group was a good Idea. Because having sharon there made me feel more like home...Since I had shared my precious boy with her. Im so glad u got to meet another surviving twin mom. Im sure u guys have a lot u guys can bond with

  2. sorry cassie, I was logged into my dads account lol now it wont let me delete my comment