Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 30

Day 30 - a dream for the future
Mya has a little sign her Nana got her that says "dream big". I don't know that I am one to "dream big" but I do know that I hope more than I dream. I dream that WTRLA will be a place for families to turn to for support. That was the whole point when I started this project.
At first I looked at it as a way to remember Sophia and honor her. Now I look at it for all the other families of loss. I love that I get to know Mikayla, Mason, Genesis, Aidan, Aubrey, Collin, Quetzali, Parker, Sarah, Whitney, The Ott Angels, and all the others that I have got to know through my journey.
Like one of my good BLM's says we are all sisters. I feel that we are, we all understand each other and that is such a huge thing.
Personal dreams for the future are to get my act together. I know I will and I really just need to do it and be done with it.

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  1. Im glad to have gotten to know Sophia<3 We are sisters, we have a strong connection