Friday, November 5, 2010

How Hard Is It?

Today I saw a post from my partner, Kassi on Facebook. She was upset.

She said:
"Why do I keep getting mail from Similac and Babies R Us?? Not to mention these Facebook ads always say things like,"deals for your newborn." It's been 5 months and I thought I had opted out of receiving these things. So sad"

I know I am that rare case that still had use for my coupons after my loss. But this brings to mind something that happened to me a couple months ago. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a nut for keeping Mya's photo's up to date. I see it as we will not have more children and I want to be sure I document her growing up. So back to my story. A couple months ago I called our favorite photo place and asked to make an appointment for my daughter. They asked me for my basic information then the girl asked me would it be for Sophia or Mya or both? I proceeded to tell her Sophia was no longer with us, so it would only be for Mya. I think the girl felt bad but what else would I say. If I did not tell her now this would continue to happen.

So after commenting on Kassi's status I proceeded to email Similac as they were already closed. I then called the 800 number for Toys R Us after getting hung up on twice after being told that the only person to fix this problem would be the mother. I told them how many times do they need to call you? I decided to call my Babies R Us in West Covina. I told the girl who I was and after the birth of my girls that my breast milk never came in. I told her that I was so happy that they helped me out in letting me return all of my breast feeding supplies and I was thankful for that. I also told her that I have heard from several mothers that have had the same problem Kassi is having and we need to get this resolved. She told me she was going to transfer me to the baby registry department and asked if I would hold for a minute.

Two minutes later Randy got on the phone. He is the store manager and I told him the everything I told the first person. He said he agreed this was not right and we need to fix this problem. He asked for my phone number and he told me he would be calling me back, if not today Monday. Five minutes later he called back telling me that he is getting his district manager involved and that this is not right. He also assured me that we will work together to get this problem fixed.

I then called Gymboree after TJ informed me that she has tried three times to get off their list. I was told that a supervisor would be calling me tomorrow to get information from me.

This makes me sad to know that all of these mothers have to keep going through this over and over. How could large companies like this do this. This is a quick fix and once it is done this will help these moms.

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  1. Thank you for doing this Cassie... You really are a very caring, and amazing woman! We're all very lucky to have you! :)