Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things Kirsten is Thankful For.

How do I start this?

Mya is the only living grandchild in Eddie and my families. Mya is the world to all of her, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunt Molly. But today I learned that Mya also means a lot to her 3rd cousin Kirsten.

Kirsten is my cousin's daughter, she too is an only for her family. Since Mya was born her and "Kiki" have done many things together. To each other they are first cousins. Kirsten's parents treat Mya like a niece as do Eddie and I with Kirsten.
From the time Mya graduated from being "Baby Mya" to "Mya Pants" and from the time Kirsten self proclaimed her her name to be "Kiki" (and Mya was able to say Kiki, and she now calls her "Kiki Bug") These girls have loved each other.

Mya Pants and Kiki Bug love to spend time with each other and have done so much together. Many trips to Disneyland, the Zoo, the Pumpkin Patch, Children's Museum, the list goes on and on. Today we spent the morning at Disneyland then had lunch together and I saw this sitting in the living room. It really melted my heart.

To know that Mya has a cousin who she adores and loves so much makes me happy. I sometimes feel the guilt knowing Mya will not have any other siblings but knowing that she has her Kiki Bug makes it OK.
I leave you with how Kirsten melts my heart.
Mya and Kirsten's first meeting and lastly with Mya Pants and Kiki Bug this morning. Two perfect paired cousins.

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