Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29

Day 29 - hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days

My biggest hope and plan is for Walk to Remember, Los Angeles to double its size next year. We want to have 300+ people attend the walk.

I am in the process of forming a committee to help with all that is involved with the walk. I know that Kassi is very busy with school and work and I know that her and I can not do it all.
There is so much potential for Walk and I really want it to be all it can be. My problem is now that I am starting to get stuck in the tax time chaos I don't know how I am going to juggle both. But I know it will all work out.
Another hope I have is that in the coming year Mya starts to know Sophia more. If it was not for Jessica I don't know if Mya would have Sophia in her very hands. I want Mya to know she is a little sister, twin sister and NOT an only child. Though I love Mya with all of my heart and soul she should know about Sophia.
Overall I just want a happy, healthy 12 months ahead of me. I know that the upcoming months are so very hard for my family with my absence and I know that I am the only Mommy in our office and it is just so different for a Mommy to be off working all the time. Even more so when this Mommy and Mya duo is so close to each other.

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